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My name is Judy, welcome to my web site.
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About my web site:
I was introduced to these marvelous toys when my first daughter was born, in 1980. When I met Strawberry Shortcake I was hooked. When my second daughter arrived in 1984, the Care Bears weren't far behind. With 2 girls growing up in the 80's, I learned a lot about the dolls of that era and fell in love with every one of them. I started collecting and selling my overflow at street faires and antique malls. Although Recycled Toys was conceived in the late 80's, it didn't make it's Internet debut until 1998 when I decided to take my business online. It's been a lot of fun meeting so many people from around the country with my same passion. As for my husband, he doesn't know a thing about the computer, but he sure is a big help getting the orders together and helping me on mailing days.

About me:
I was born and raised in Southern California. Grew up in the 60's, married in the 70's and became a mom in the 80's.
I love my family, Kibbles (my four-footed baby), a good cup of coffee, live theatre, traveling, laughing, music, collecting, and old movies.

Kibbles is my little "pound puppy" whom we almost lost, Christmas of '03.
You can visit her website and read her story here.

Thanks for taking the time to read a wee bit about me and mine.

These are MY children of the 80's
Kelly (age 4) circa 1984 Megan (age 3) circa 1987
Kelly, age 4, 1984 with Rainbow Brite & her Color Buggy
Megan, age 3, 1987 on her Strawberry Shortcake tricycle

kelly meg
My little girls ... all grown up.