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  1. TV Video Pack (for the YES Teddy Ruxpin)...$25.00
    (MIB, includes animation talkbox, video (The Treasure of Grundo), tv & video animation cables & activity book)

  2. Original WoW Teddy Ruxpin, MIB...$80.00
    w/The Airship book & cassette
    (very plush, sound and eyes work, mouth doesn't)

  3. WoW Teddy Ruxpin...$40.00
    (sound works, mouth/eyes don't)

  4. Playskool Mother Goose...$45.00
    (sound & eyes work, mouth doesn't, comes with paper work, book & cartridge)

  5. Tyco Big Bird...$20.00
    (as is, speaks a bit deeper than usual)

  6. Talking Mickey Mouse...$25.00
    (as is)

  7. Pamela... $40.00   $25.00
    (works, missing 1 shoe)


  8. Teddy's original tan vest w/logo patch...$5.00

  9. Teddy's Sleeping outfit - robe only...$5.00

  10. Teddy's Sleeping outfit -robe & pj's only...$10.00

  11. Teddy's Sleeping outfit - new condition...$20.00

  12. Teddy's Winter outfit - jacket & jumper only...$10.00

  13. Teddy's Winter outfit - NRFB...$20.00

  14. Teddy's Workout outfit - NRFB...$15.00

  15. Grubby's Hiking outfit - NRFB...$25.00

  16. Corky's space suit: silver jumper, belt, cap...$20.00


  17. Cricket's Clubhouse Volume 1...$10.00

  18. "Tweeg Gets the Tweezles" video...$10.00

  19. "Take A Good Look" video...$5.00 as is


  20. Kermit Bopper... $20.00 $15.00


  21. Teddy Ruxpin...$7.00

  22. Tweeg...$5.00 each
    (4 available, as is)

  23. Grubby...$7.00 each
    (3 available)

  24. Newton Gimmick...$15.00

  25. 4-pc set from Wendy's...$20.00/set
    (Newton Gimmick, Grubby, Wooly What's-It, Turquoise Fob)

    Misc Items

  26. Answer Box...$15.00
    (works, missing battery cover)

  27. On/Off dial for Teddy Ruxpin...$5.00

  28. Mother Goose battery cover...$15.00

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