The Doll House

Crissy & Family Dolls

  1. Movin Groovin Crissy...$20.00
    (wearing original boots)

  2. Velvet...$20.00
    (nude, hair is braided)

  3. Talky Velvet...$20.00
    (no longer talks, lipstick smeared)

  4. Movin Groovin Velvet...$20.00
    (wearing original shoes)

The Sunshine Family
  1. The Sunshine Family Dad & Baby...$10.00

Miscellaneous Dolls

  1. Kimberly...$20.00

  2. Shoppin' Sheryl...$15.00
    (VGC, original outfit)

  3. Baby Small Walk dress...$10.00
    (dress only, mint condition)

DAM Trolls

  1. White hair...$10.00
    (10" tall, wearing red hat, 1982)

  2. Black hair #1...$10.00
    (6 1/2" tall, wearing yellow felt outfit, 1977)

  3. Black hair #2...$5.00
    (10" tall, wearing lavender shirt & hat, purple tights, 1982, has a peculiar odor)

  4. Red hair...$5.00
    (6 1/2" tall, wearing Norfin Fan Club shirt and red shorts, 1988)

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