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Fisher Price Sets

Play Family Sesame Street
$90.00 set

sesame street
Set includes: apartment building, "B" bed, "E" bed,
tv, round table w/pork chop litho, one chair,
soda fountain, newsstand, sanitation truck,
mailbox, Mr Hooper, Susan, Bert and Ernie.
To see crack on latch click here.

$85.00 set

FP School
Set includes: school house, 4 green school
desks, yellow teacher's desk & chair, green/yellow
swing and whirl-around, green slide, teacher and
4 students (2 boys & 2 girls).
(all people are plastic)
To see exterior pictures of this
school, click here.

Pool Accessory Set
$30.00 set

Set includes: Pool base, yellow slide,
green lifeguard chair, yellow diving board,
one green & one yellow lounger, green table
w/yellow umbrella, blonde boy & girl

Fire Truck
$15.00 set

Includes: firefighter & fire truck w/yellow extention ladder

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