Holly Hobbie

  1. Holly Hobbie pillowcase...$10.00
    (VGC, bright colors)

  2. Holly Hobbie pillow panels...$10.00
    (front & back, uncut, makes a 22" pillow, instructions included)

  3. Holly Hobbie oven mitt...$10.00
    Love's a stirrin'
    (EC, matches mitt below)

  4. Holly Hobbie casserole mitt...$15.00
    Love's a stirrin'
    (EC, matches above mitt)

  5. Oven Mitt...$10.00
    Enjoy Today

  6. Robby Hobbie ceramic bank...$35.00
    (VGC, rare)

  7. Holly Hobbie plastic bowl...$6.00

  8. Plastic mug...$4.00 as is

  9. Sm. plastic bowl...$5.00

  10. Plastic pitcher, 4 1/4" tall...$3.00 as is
    Sharing doubles the fun

  11. Tin w/lid...$5.00
    (7 1/2" tall, 5 1/2" dia)

  12. Christmas glass...$5.00
    Christmas is sharing

  13. Footed mug...$5.00
    Love is the little things you do

  14. Footed mug...$5.00
    Start each day in a happy way

  15. 6" plate...$10.00
    Anything that's nice to do
    Is nicer shared with friends like you

  16. 6" plate - NRFB...$15.00
    Love is the little things you do

  17. 6" plate - NRFB...$15.00
    Happy Birthday Grandmother
    This brings a very special wish
    And lots of love your way -
    The wish is for your birthday
    But the love's for every day

  18. 6" plate...$10.00
    Happiness is having
    a friend
    as nice as you
    Happy Birthday

  19. 6" plate...$10.00
    To Cheer You
    Hope it makes the days seem brighter
    And your heart much lighter, too
    To know that warm and friendly thoughts
    Are always there with you

  20. 6" plate...$10.00
    Friendship brings the nicest people together

  21. 6" plate...$10.00
    You're a very special Grandmother And the thoughtful things you so
    Are the reasons why this birthday wish Brings so much love to you!
    Happy Birthday

  22. 10 1/2" plate w/green rim...$15.00
    Start each day in a happy way

  23. Porcelain oval dish w/gold trim...$8.00
    Love is the little things you do

  24. Dish...$10.00
    Special little moments add up to great big joys

  25. Framed tile...$7.00
    Memory...A keepsake of the heart forever

  26. Sm. plaque...$5.00
    Friendship makes the rough road smooth

  27. Ash tray...$15.00
    Love is good for growing things

  28. Ash tray...$10.00
    Have a nice day!

  29. Oval porcelain plaque...$7.50
    A true friend is the best possession

  30. Oval porcelain plaque...$7.50
    Happiness is having someone to care for

  31. Lg. oval porcelain plaque...$9.50
    Start each day in a happy way

  32. Lg. oval porcelain plaque...$9.50
    Mother is another name for love

  33. 3" x 4" plaque...$6.00
    Friendly thoughts keep hearts in touch

  34. Glass jar w/lid...$6.00
    Love is the sweetest gift of all

  35. Coaster...$6.00
    Put on a Happy Face

  36. Holly Hobbie parchment greeting card with envelope, unused (1976)...$5.00
    Just can't wait to say it...
    ...Happy Birthday!

  37. Holly Hobbie parchment greeting card with envelope, unused (1970)...$5.00
    How are you feeling today?...
    ...Can't visit you in person
    But I sent this anyway
    'Cause I hope you're feeling better
    And you'll soon be well to stay!

  38. Holly Hobbie greeting card with envelope, unused (1979)...$6.00
    Just thinkin' aboutcha on your Birthday...
    ...and wishin' you a whole bunch of good things!
    P.S. Happy Birthday...
    ...and many more!

  39. Holly Hobbie lap tray...$20.00 EC
    Love is good for growing things

  40. Thermos - missing cup...$10.00

  41. Thermos - complete...$15.00
    (VGC, 1979)

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