My Little Pony

Ponies & Sea Ponies

  1. Firefly (Firefly's Adventure)...$15.00

  2. Cotton Candy (Collector Pony)...$9.00
    (VGC, tail is poofy from being braided)

  3. Cotton Candy (Earth Pony)...$8.00
    (VGC, darker pink version)

  4. Cotton Candy (Earth Pony)...$7.00

  5. Wavedancer (Sea Pony)...$3.00

  6. Bow Tie (Earth Pony)...$7.00

  7. Seashell (Earth Pony)...$15.00
    (GC, slight discoloration on ear tip & rim of hooves)

  8. Bubbles (Earth Pony)...$8.00
    (no tail)

  9. Sundance (Earth Pony)...$7.00
    (tail needs detangling)

  10. Majesty (Unicorn)...$4.00
    (faint symbol, no tail)

  11. Firefly (Pegasus)...$5.00
    (faint symbol & rattle inside)

  12. Sundance (So Soft Pony)...$5.00

  13. Best Wishes (So Soft Pony, MLP Party Gift Pack) with purchase
    (major balding)

  14. Banana Surprise (Sundae Best Pony)...$9.00
    (comes with comb, hair needs attention)

  15. Mommy Apple Delight (Loving Family Pony)...$6.00

  16. Mommy Bright Bouquet (Loving Family Pony)...$13.00

  17. Daddy Bright Bouquet (Loving Family Pony)...$11.00
    (just a little dirty)

  18. Sweet Stuff (Twinkle Eye Pony)...$6.00
    (VGC, tail is braided, has several spots)

  19. Sweet Pop (Twinkle Eye Pony)...$5.00
    (frizzy tail)

  20. Speedy (Twinkle Eye Pony)...$8.00
    (GC but could use a slight cleaning)

  21. Sunspot (Sparkle Pony)...$3.00
    (bangs cut off)

  22. Scoops (Twice As Fancy Pony, Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe)...$6.00
    (faint symbol, tail beginning to rust at base)

  23. Ringlets (Brush n Grow Pony)...$5.00
    (GC, has a couple of small pink spots)

  24. Curly Locks (Brush n Grow Pony)...$3.00
    (very messy hair)

  25. Brilliant Bloom (Princess Brush n Grow Pony)...$4.00
    (hair has been trimmed)

  26. Princess Royal Blue w/VHTF hat (Princess Pony)...$15.00

  27. Princess Royal Blue (Princess Pony)...$7.00

  28. Princess Serena (Princess Pony)...$6.00
    (small mark behind her left cheek)

  29. Princess Sunbeam (Princess Pony)...$7.00

  30. Caramel Crunch (Candy Cane Pony)...$6.00
    (hair needs restyling)

  31. Sugar Apple (Candy Cane Pony)...$5.00
    (no tail, mane just a little frizzy)

  32. Bubblefish (Precious Pocket Pony) missing fish...$6.00
    (has a 1/4" ink line on his right shoulder & another mark on his right cheek)

  33. Cuddles (Magic Message Pony)...$8.00
    (VGC but has something written underneath her back feet)

  34. Molasses (Candy Cane Pony)...$8.00
    (hair needs recurling)

  35. Peachy (Pretty Parlor)...$10.00

  36. Sundance (Magic Motion Pony)...$5.00

  37. Sweet Talkin' Pony (pink)...$3.00
    (ink stains on left side of body, needs new batteries)

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