Care Bears

Miniatures List

Grams Bear
Enjoying the day, EC...$8.00

Professor Cold Heart
Trying to freeze your feelings, EC...$8.00

Ready to sweep up the clouds, VGC...$8.00

Baby Tugs Bear
Ready to shovel some clouds, VGC...$10.00

Baby Hugs Bear
sold out

Cheer Bear
Creating a cheerful picture, VGC...$6.00
Painting a rainbow, FC...$3.00

Love-A-Lot Bear
sold out

Friend Bear
Sharing a soda for two, VGC...$7.00
Sitting with a present, GC...$5.00

Funshine Bear
sold out

Birthday Bear
Ready for a party, VGC...$7.00

Bedtime Bear
Sleeping on a fluffy pillow, GC... $6.00

Good Luck Bear
sold out

Wish Bear
Wishing on a star, VGC...$6.00

Grumpy Bear
Trying not to get wet, VGC...$7.00

Tenderheart Bear
Holding heart-shaped balloons, VGC...$6.00

Cozy Heart Penguin
sold out

Gentle Heart Lamb
sold out

Swift Heart Rabbit
Racing on a skateboard, VGC...$10.00

Bright Heart Raccoon
Solving a problem, VGC...$10.00

Lotsa Heart Elephant
sold out

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